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Hello! My name is Amberly Colina and I am a Hair Designer in Savannah, Georgia. Although I graduated from The Process Institute of Cosmetology in 2011 (now known as Keune Academy) my hair career started way before then. I played with hair constantly as a child- combs, clips and braids at the beginning. Even using my own grandfather as my guinea pig.


Then as a teenager I started to experiment with my own hair color, and then moved on to others who were willing participants. I was 22 before I decided to go to school, but I self taught myself how to cut women's hair, touch up roots, and even foil highlights before ever stepping into school.  (One could say I had a salon set up in my kitchen...) I got my Georgia Hair Design license in early 2012. One of my proudest moments.

Before I moved to Savannah I spent 3 wonderful years at American Salon & Spa in Gainesville, Georgia. It was there that I fell in love with lived-in hair. Balayage & ombres became my passion. Although my salon felt like family, I moved to Savannah to follow my heart. Here I worked at JW Salon, and was provided some wonderful education to push my skills even further.  I am grateful for every step of my career and what I have learned. 



Along with many color classes taken at the Aveda Institute Atlanta, I also have certifications in:

Ryder Makeup Labs by James Ryder

Hairpainting Workshop by Elizabeth Faye

Balayage Essentials by Business of Balayage

Balayage Advanced by Business of Balayage

Smoothing by Keratin Complex

Balayage by Laci Matteson



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