Balayage + FAQ


Balayage is a technique used by a professional in which the color is painted in a way that creates a natural looking effect. The word "balayage" is translated in French to "sweeping". A traditional balayage (open air) looks best on anyone with natural hair colors varying from medium/dark brown to light blonde and it gives a very subtle effect. There are different techniques that vary from traditional balayage that can increase the lift and give brighter looks (American balayage, foilyage, etc).

What is OMBRE?

Ombre is an effect in which there is a gradual shift in contrast. Either light to dark or dark to light. Ombre looks best on natural brunettes who want a low maintenece, trendy look.

How often do I touch up a balayage?

Depending on the contrast to your natural color, a balayage can last 3-6 months. In some cases where the result is very subtle, your balayage may last even longer. However in order to maintain the effect, I recommend getting a glaze about 6 weeks after your appointment, and then typically every 6 weeks until your next balayage retouch. The glaze will refresh the color, enhance a tone, counteract brass, and give your hair a boost in shine. Pre-scheduling these appointments are the best way to make sure your balayage looks its best all the time.

How do I make an appointment with you?


How much does a balayage/ ombre / or color correction cost?

This will be discussed during your consultation, however in most cases these services will start around $200. Lengthy color consultations will be handled hourly (around $70/hour).